Catch Can Trial

Field with people putting white buckets out in a grid formation

The first field experiment ever done by the NEWAg lab was an intensive catch-can trial beneath a variable rate irrigation pivot.  The aim of this study was to determine the precision in timing, disposition and depth of water applied.  We placed an array of more than 400 catch-cans beneath the active irrigation system and measured the amount of water captured within each container to make maps of applied water. 

Group photo in front of a field with irrigation equpment in the background

Person surveying the field using surveying equipment with an irrigation unit running the length of the field

Two people walking through a field with large irrigation eqiupement on the right

Group of three looking over print outs of designs

Person kneeling next to a large tire with a walkie talkie in his hand and irrigation equipment next to him

Three people standing next to the tire of large irrigation equipment in the middle of a field

Person walking up a field with a very large irrigation system to the left

Wide shot of a field with catch cans spread out in a grid and a large irrigation unit

Large grid of a field with cans lined up in a grid and a large irrigation unit