Precision Irrigation

Group of people standing in front of a field with a large irriagation unit in the background

Spring 2013

We deployed 440 ‘catch-cans' beneath a variable rate irrigation (VRI) system to determine the accuracy of the applied water.  The entire layout was performed with RTK GPS to a precision of <10cm.  We found that there is a minimum scale of management that can be achieved with the system, and that there is an optimal way in which to construct water application prescriptions.

Irrigation unit in a field with white buckets set up in a grid

Close up of equipment running irrigation

Irrigation unti running across a field with white buckets

Head on shot of an irrigation unti with a person standing at the base in the middle of a dirt field

Person working with surveying equipment in them iddle of a tilled field

Two people with a cart in front of them and dark in the background


Retrieval Graphs:

Prescribed application

Multicolovered Graph

Actual Catch-can measurement

Map of measured water application

Example of best possible application

Multicolorered Graph