Roadside Filter Strips

Panoramic image of a roadsideOregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Project - Fall 2013 to present

We are monitoring roadside hydrologic processes at 5 field installations through Western Oregon.  The aim of this effort is to create and validate design specifications for effective vegetative filter strips given the unique weather of the region.  Sites are selected to represent a diverse set of climatic conditions and soil types.  Within each site we measure the rainfall, water table depth, soil moisture distribution and surface runoff.

Drawing of a the experiment set on the side of the road

Experiment set up on the side of a road in a grassy area

ODOT cartoon of rain hitting the research site

A person setting up equipement in a grassy area on the side of the road

Cartoon depiction of stormwater runoff

Ziru checking the data collected at a research site in grass

Student holding a computer at the side of the road in the grass reseach site

Student sitting cross legged in the grass measuring out water in plastic cups